Jikiden Reiki with Mari Okazaki is a Vancouver Reiki Teacher, Chilliwack Reiki Teacher That Offers Reiki Treatment Services in Vancouver to Chilliwack, Jikiden Reiki Canada, Vancouver energy healing, Vancouver Animal Healing. Reiki in Chilliwack, Reiki in Vancouver. 

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Jikiden Reiki with Mari Okazaki offers Reiki in Chilliwack, Reiki in Vancouver. 

Mari Okazaki, Reiki in Chilliwack

Mari Okazaki has been teaching and practicing Jikiden Reiki in Chilliwack since 2006. Mari is available for sessions at her home studio or can travel in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope and other cities in the Fraser Valley, even as far as Surrey or Vancouver BC.  

 Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, Mari isn't taking in-person Reiki session until March 31st, but will continue to offer Distant Reiki sessions.  You can make in-person appointments for future dates in April and on with last-minute cancelation in consideration. 
 Mari will update each week whether in-person sessions would be offered or not. 
 Please feel free to make your future appointment, last-minute cancelation is accepted at this time.