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The Congress is coming to North America! 

Jikiden Reiki® North American Congress 2019

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It has been 14 years since 2005 when Jikiden Reiki® first landed on the North American continent. Since then the Jikiden Reiki® community has been growing slowly but surely, just as when a dandelion seed takes root, a community grows.


We have held two Jikiden Reiki® congresses in the past, one in Barcelona (2014) and another in Kyoto (2016). Now we are getting ready for another, this time on our continent (Vancouver) where we will revisit the true essence of Jikiden Reiki® and get together with our Jikiden Reiki® friends! At this Congress we will welcome special speakers invited from Japan to share their personal experiences of our late teacher, Chiyoko-sensei. Also, we will learn more about the Japanese culture and how it is reflected in Jikiden Reiki teachings.


We feel confident this once in a lifetime opportunity will help to build greater clarity, pride, confidence and humility bringing together all Jikiden Reiki® followers.



2018 June

Jikiden Reiki® Vancouver team 




Videos from the past Congress

1st Jikiden Reiki World Congress in Barcelona


2nd Jikiden Reiki World Congress in Kyoto


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