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Jikiden Reiki® Class with Mr.Tadao Yamaguchi

Vancouver, Canada


Postponed until further notice

In Japanese with English translation

May 21~25 (Shoden & Okuden)

Shihankaku & Shihan (Upon request)

Teacher : Tadao Yamaguchi (Interpreter: Mari Okazaki)

Location : Heart Quest Healing Collective

Contact Mari Okazaki (

Online registration : click here


Until late 1990's, Yamaguchi's family had no contact with other healing modality, nor other Reiki group. Reiki was simply Yamaguchi family's home rememdy. They had no idea if Reiki had been spreaded to the world until 1995 ! 


Together Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, they have established Jikiden Reiki® Institute, and started to offer the Reiki classes. Class materials are all based on the real materials, photos that were left in Yamaguchi's family and relatives from 1930~1940, also trace down the memories from the relatives who learned Reiki directly from Dr.Chujiro Hayashi.


I am entirely grateful to have known Jikiden Reiki® and also Mr.Tadao Yamaguchi as my teacher and a life mentor. His kind, casual, compassionate personality will continue to touch people's life. 


Please contact me if you are interested in learning with Mr.Yamaguchi.

Voices about the seminar with Tadao Yamaguchi

"Clarity, simplicity, and precision are a few of the words I’d use to describe my experience of Jikiden Reiki. Knowing that I wanted to return as close to the source of Reiki as possible, I enrolled in Mari’s workshop with Tadao Yamaguchi sensei in the fall of 2018. The five-day seminar was welcoming, professional and thorough - we were well-nourished with food as well.


To finally have answers to many of the unanswered questions I’d had about Reiki was a breakthrough for me both as a practitioner and teacher of western reiki. My deep respect for and connection to the Japanese culture was also rekindled. The seminar seems to have super-charged my sensitivity to reiki and amplified my calling to work as a healer.


I highly recommend Mari sensei as a Reiki instructor and practitioner! 


Stay well,



"When I made the decision to begin practising Reiki as part of my profession I had a desire to search for a teacher who would be willing to guide me, be open to my questions and most importantly be an essence of Reiki. My initial training with Reiki was in 1996 and in my new search the year was 2009 - I hadn't kept in touch with my 2 previous teachers. As it happened, I made a google search and Mari Okazaki was the name that jumped out at me. Once her class schedule and my life schedule came together I had the opportunity to learn Shoden level. I was so touched by the depth of what I was learning that the following month I took Okuden. From there, every month I repeated a class - Shoden, Okuden , Shoden, Okuden, this went on for one year until I moved into the next level of Shihankaku. Each time the teachings went deeper and deeper within me. There were shooting roots of Jikiden Reiki forming!! Somewhere in the early stages of this repeating seminar after seminar, there was a clarity and certainty that I wanted to be able to teach this beautiful art to others. I am a Shihankaku and one day will attain Shihan. I still so love being the student in a class and absorbing the essence of Reiki. I hosted a Okuden class for my Shoden student that Mari so graciously taught for us, and I thoroughly loved hearing the content, yet once again and who doesn't want to repeat with Tadao sensei when he travels to the local area!! As it has been said, we learn another snippet of the culture, the spiritual side and the many deep deep reasons behind the beautiful subtle aspects of Reiki. Providing Reiki is as simple as placing your hand upon an individual - yet - the teachings have these deep deep roots that trickle up bit by bit & the understanding of the student deepens as each level is repeated. To teach and be a student of Jikiden Reiki seminar brings great joy to me, I feel really purposeful in the practise of this beautiful healing art. It has been my experience that a teacher of Jikiden Reiki, most importantly, is a student of Jikiden Reiki for life. So ... repeat, repeat, repeat - Its in the repeating we see & feel the depth of Jikiden Reiki - or simply Reiki!!."

Maureen Cardoso,

Jikiden Reiki teacher, Reflexologist, Abbotsford, BC



The 2014 seminar in Halifax is accomplished!

Tadao Yamaguchi honoured us with coming to Halifax for the seventh time. We had again a wonderful group of participants from Canada and the US. Thank you so much for joining the workshops and making a difference!

This time Tadao Sensei's son Yohei joined his father on his visit to Halifax. He has a wonderful spirit and everyone loved him. He also likes to make jokes and laughs a lot. Of course Mari was there too, doing her amazing work of translating TS's teachings. I am always amazed how she does it. It's not only straight translation from one language to the other, it also includes filling in the cultural differences. High concentration for so many hours. Thank you Mari!

Gabrielle Gietzen

Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan, Halifax


Dear Halifax friends,


It was a great joy to meet you all and spend time with you in and out of seminar. From the first moment landing and arriving through the wide open doors of "The Clubroom" and extended arms of Gabrielle, the tone was in perfect resonance. Soon Mari turns and flashes her huge smile which never diminishes. The translating began to arrive with vibrations of understanding even in Japanese!!! Meeting Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi and his son, Yohei, was an experience of a lifetime. To sit and be surrounded by the depth of Reiki and its history ties the knot that binds Jikiden Reiki and its students together. As each minute turned into an hour, then a day, the seminar reached its close ... only to begin again another day. Thank you all for opening your hearts and sharing your team and "Team Halifax".


With love, hugs, and gratitude,

Jim & Jeannette, www.

Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Conneticut, USA 

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