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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can anyone learn Reiki? I think Reiki is only for gifted people.

A Absolutely anyone can learn Reiki.  When I learn Reiki, I didn't know anything about      

      Reiki and healing. 


Q  I heard Reiki is a life time skill once I took Reiki training. Is it true?

A  Yes, it is true. Once you learn Reiki, it is a life time skill. But it is important to continue  using   

    Reiki after the training.



Q   Do I have to become a professional Reiki practitioner once I learn?

A  Reiki is a good home remedy. Most of the people who learned Reiki are using Reiki for  

     their own self-healing and for family and friends. Although, there are many people who

     are working as a Reiki practitioner at a Spa and Naturopath clinic and at a home studio

     as Reiki is a very effective treatment technique.


Q   It looks like somekind of religious group... 

A   Reiki is nothing to do with any belief system. You may see a glimpse of Shinto or    

     Buddhist teachings as Reiki is deeply connected to Japanese culture, but Reiki teaching is not        to change your believe system, and it is a great opportunity to be in touch with old and  

     beautiful Japanese culture and history. 


Q    I don't know how to decide which Reiki school or teacher to learn with.

A   I highly recommend to meet a teacher before you take Reiki training. Reiki is an unseen

      force, but very powerful. Please find a teacher you can trust.


Q   I noticed your price is higher than avarage Reiki class fee.

A  This is the set fee in world wide for Jikiden Reiki teachers, so if you go to England and learn

     Jikiden Reiki there, the price will be the same. Jikiden Reiki is the only Reiki school that has

     consistent standard through out the world, so I didn't set the class fee... and I can't change

     the class fee to keep the fairness with other Jikiden Reiki teachers in the world. It is just

     because Jikiden Reiki has integrity to carry on the pure tradition by not changing the teaching

     contents. I have taken Usui Shiki Reiki, which is considered as "traditional Japanese Style Reiki"

     in general, but I experienced that I just didn't find it was traditional. I only know because I am

    Japanese, and I grew up in Japan, and Reiki is a Japanese teaching. That led me to seek the

    origin of Reiki, and I found Jikiden Reiki. I continue to learn and research the history of Reiki,

    and to this date, I can't find any other Reiki school that is carrying the pure traditional teaching.

    origin of Reiki, and I found Jikiden Reiki. I continue to learn and research the history of Reiki,  

    and to this date, I can't find any other Reiki school that is carrying the pure traditional teaching.


Q   My intuition is dull. Can I still do Reiki?

A  Originally Reiki wasn't an intuitive healing. We teach a concept of Byosen (feeling the          

     blockage), and do Reiki practice with tangible feeling. You do not need to worry about

     not having a sharp intuition. 


Q    I am an experienced Reiki Master. Can I review Jikiden Reiki seminar as a Reiki  Master? 

A     Even though you have a long experience as a Reiki Master, we would like you to learn Jikiden        Reiki starting from the Shoden (Level1) class.  The teaching and concept are quite a bit      

       different, so I am sure you will enjoy learing from the Shoden class. 


Q   Is it true that learning Reiki is a life changing experience?

A  I think it is upto individuals. Reiki doesn't change your life, but each person's

     conscioussness would change because of the teaching of the Reiki, that can lead to

     change the life. Nothing can change your life, unless you want to change it. 



Q   I heard Jikiden Reiki is highy controlled by Tadao Yamaguchi, is it true?

A  If you are not familier with the Japanese traditional art form like tea ceremony,  

     calligraphy, even Karate, it might look like Jikiden Reiki is controlled by him. 

     Mr.Yamaguchi isn't a controlling nor egoistic person at all, but Jikiden Reiki put our  

     effort to keep the Japanese culture. Please read my article here.


Q   I heard once I learned Jikiden Reiki, I am not allowed to use any medication  

     nor Western Medical system.

A  That is completely not true. We do not disagree with Western Medical system.

     Although, there are so many things we can do at home to maintenance our health, and        

     Reiki can be one of the tool, so eventually, we do not have to rely on the medical    

     system unnecessary. I believe it is good to have the balance between Western medical  

     system and alternative health method.


"Our cat benefited tremendously from 3 distant, and 1 face-to-face Reiki sessions with Mari. He is 13 years old and for his entire life has been very guarded and territorial, he doesn't make friends easily. After the sessions with Mari he was much more relaxed and open. For the first time he wanted lots of attention and to engage with us more, and when he sleeps now he will roll over on his back with his legs in the air and rest that way for hours. He never opened himself up that way before. I would highly recommend Reiki as a gentle healing for people and animals alike! Thank you Mari!" 
~ J.K. Vancouver


"After your distant Reiki last night, my left hip/sciatic pain had improved about 90% this morning! amazing. I don't know what you are doing exactly, but thank you for your efforts!! it had been bothering me for a few weeks. it has been going on for years, but I am starting to see the energetic connection. " 
~ Irene, Vancouver

"I have been taking regular Jikiden Reiki sessions with Mari Okazaki ever since I was diagnosed with cancer. On October 2020 I decided to learn the Jikiden Reiki she teaches.

I learned to do self Reiki and since then I do it every day. Right away I was able to get myself to sleep, something I was not able to do for many years without not relying on prescribed medications.

The next thing I noticed doing self Reiki every day was the "feeling of happiness" that was now "inside me." It felt so great to have that feeling back since that too had disappeared many years ago.

I am extremely thankful to receive Jikiden Reiki from Mari Okazaki and to have learned from her how to do my daily self care."

Chris Z, Chilliwack, November 2020

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