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I have been offering private Reiki sessions in my Reiki room and through home visits since 2006. session I will explain a little bit about the Reiki and how it works, and you can tell me about your needs and condition. You will be fully clothed during the session and lie or sit down quietly, and I will place my hands on your body. I will begin most of the sessions from the head and the neck, but if you are experiencing severe pain, or have clear symptoms, I will focus on those areas during the session. I might ask you to change position (roll over or roll to the side), and might offer a gentle massage on tight muscles, with your permission.



Mari's home studio in Chilliwack:

9579 Menzies Street, Chilliwack, BC 

(Close to IGA on Yale Rd )
Please come around to the back door through

a path on the right side.

♢ Single session at Mari's Reiki Room $60/session        


♢ I am open for a sliding scale for Reiki as  

    a support treatment for a serious illness

    (Chemo therapies, radiation therapies,  

      chronic illness, etc, people who need  

      session 3~5times/week.)

♢ Home visit session

       $70 (around Chilliwack area)*

       $80(Vancouver area)*

  ***Home visits only by referrals.

♢ Animal Reiki (Dogs, cats, horses)  $20 ~ $80*     

     (Cost for animal Reiki: depends on the time)

♢ Distant Reiki session $30/session*    


  *suggested exchange

  *Public Good Faith Notice


Mari's Reiki Room is a scent free zone.

Please do not wear strong perfume and after shave, also please do not smoke at least 1 hour before your appointment.


If you can't make the appointment, please call or email Mari.  



Mari will not be available during the following dates. Hope to see you when I am back! 

- December 3 ~ 13 2019 Personal training

- Feb 20~March 4, 2020 

- March 27 ~ 31, 2020 Further training

- May 20 ~ 28, 2020 Further training


"Dear Mari, I so much appreciate your kindness and wonderful healing. You got me through a very painful week. It would have been so much worse had it not been for your magic touch. Everything happens for a reason and although I knew Reiki was great, I think I was meant to learn how very powerful Reiki really is. "
~ Cecilia. T

"Hi Mari, Vic asked me to tell you that when he got up in the morning he felt no pain in his back. He said he was sitting at the side of the bed waiting for it, and it just didn't come. Then during the day he kept saying that his back was not hurting anymore. He was very impressed!!! Thanks so much for getting him in! Blessings to you and your family. "
~ Vic’s friend, Ellen. H

"The distant Reiki healing was amazing, I have never experienced anything like that. As I mentioned to Mari and discovered after talking to Mari, that at the exact time that I felt my 2nd and 3rd chakra moving, calming down and could hear the releasing (loud gurgling sounds) is when Mari was giving me distant healing. WOW! So powerful! I immediately felt the calmness in my body. In fact, when my friend came up to check up on me she said I looked like a different person and boy did I ever feel the shift. "

~ T.P