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Video Clips

Practice to recite Gokai

by Mari Okazaki

Savary Island Retreat


Savary Island Retreat


Explaining Jikiden Reiki

Amanda Jayne, Shihan in UK

Savary Island Retreat


Jikiden Reiki World Congress in Barcelona


Jikiden Reiki seminar

in Vancouver with Tadao Yamaguchi

Savary Island Retreat


Mari Okazaki | TEDxChilliwack

2016 Feb

Circle of Energy

Interview with Mari Okazaki​​


with a 2 years old boy

Paula Michal-Johnson explains Jikiden Reiki

2nd Jikiden Reiki World Congress in Kyoto


Interview with
Frank Arjava Petter

Mari invite people for

2019 Congress

3 month to go until Jikiden Reiki Congress!

2019 July

Memory of

Chiyoko Yamaguchi

2019 June

Frank Arjava Petter sensei inviting to North American Jikiden Reiki Congress

2019 May

Jikiden Reiki North American Congress

2019 Dec

Mari plays piano
"We are the World" 

2020 May

Wall hanger with Japanese tenugui

2020 May

Wall display with Japanese tenugui

2020 May

Year end greetings

2020 Dec

Mari plays piano

"Howl's moving Castle"
2021 Jan

The Entertainer family jam

2021 Jan

Making Senbazuru bonsai tree

2021 Feb

Mari's son plays harp
"Six Sonatines No.1"

2021 Feb

20th Anniversary Brian and Mari

2021 Aug

Healing together by healing within with Mari Okazaki &

2021 Oct 24

Live fully until you die with Mari Okazaki &

2021 Nov 21

Making peace with death makes life precious with Mari Okazaki &

2021 Nov 28

Interview with Nancy Guitar

2022 Feb 25

Moving back to Japan? 

2022 October

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