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Mari's Reiki Room is a scent free zone.

Please do not wear strong perfum and after shave, also please do not smoke at least 1 hour before your appointment.


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"Before I continue with this post, anyone who reads this should know I am a skeptic beyond skepticism. 5 years ago I was taken in an ambulance to Chilliwack hospital with, as I found out later, with pancreatic infection, liver and kidney failure, and pneumonia in both lungs. All due to excessive abuse of alcohol. After gaining consciousness, 2 days after being admitted, the attending doctor asked if I had family members from out of town that I wanted to see. Ominous words from a medical professional. The next day, as I drifted in and out of consciousness, I felt an intense burning in my abdomen. I woke suddenly and grabbed my side. Mari Okazaki's hands were on my abdomen. I grabbed her hands and said " your burning me". Mari put her hands on my face and they were cool. The next day, the same doctor came to see me, after my morning blood tests, and was literally speechless. He ordered blood tests immediately. Those results showed that all of my medical issues had vanished. I was kept in the hospital for two more days for observation and continued blood tests. Released on the third day. I am no longer a skeptic. I guess that's scientific proof Mari. Science was involved.

~ Kyte Gillis  2020, Feb

"My wife is good friends with Mari and strongly encouraged me to see her, by way of paying for and forceably driving me to an appointment with her when I was suffering from lower back pain. I was skeptical, but decided to give myself over to the process, realizing there was nothing to lose. Outside a general sense of well-being that ensued, Mari found the source of my discomfort as being a knot at the back of my right knee. I had had surgery on my left knee a couple of years before, and had likely been favouring the right for some time. She suggested that I kneed out the knot and my back pain would disappear. Needless to say she was exactly right, I simply sat in front of the TV, kneeded out the knot, and the pain was GONE the next day. It's neat stuff, and I highly recommend it. "

~ Paul Redford

"After your distant Reiki last night, my left hip/sciatic pain had improved about 90% this morning! amazing. I don't know what you are doing exactly, but thank you for your efforts!! it had been bothering me for a few weeks. it has been going on for years, but I am starting to see the energetic connection. " 
~ Irene, Vancouver