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I share with you the following businesses and contacts because I personally have

had great experiences with them. 

Jikiden Reiki Institute English site 
Jikiden Reiki Institute Japanese site

NPO International Jikiden Reiki Association


Hawaii Hochi translation by Masaki Nishina


2019 Jikiden Reiki North American Congress​ in Vancouver



I would like to say thank you for touching my life so beautifully.


Alternative Health Care (Mari highly recommends these people) 

Chihoko Harrison: Active release massage Chiho's Fitness Solution"  - Chilliwack

Sharon Richlark: Homeopath "Whollistically Speaking" - North Vancouver

Silvia Garcia: Reflexology and Reiki - Chilliwack

Tanya Denenfeld: Registered Massage Therapy - Chilliwack

Masato Arikushi: Shiatsu plus bodywork - Mission 



Animal lovers

Monique Charbonnier: Professional Dog trainer  "Gentle Puppy Training"

Amber Gore: Unleash Freedom K9 Training, Chilliwack 




Dwayne Claire: Artist 

Psychic Medium

Cathrine: Spirit Medium



Mari's lifeline to maintaining her health along with Reiki

Sunrider International (The best health food that I have been using daily since 2004 ) 

Young Living Oil (High-quality essential oil)

"I have known Mari for a few years. I have not seen her for a bit. I was not doing to well felt heavy and just out of place. I went for a healing with her, went home just felt tired after, fell asleep and woke up14 hrs. later, when I called Mari she told me that sometimes the higher ups work on you when you are resting. I said I must have had a lot of work. lol I felt so much better after just one appointment. I am a spirit medium and I have a lot of energies around me. I was bloating and sore. I can tell you Mari really helped me. Mari also told me my brother was around me, He died a few years ago. Healing can be done in many ways and I feel Mari connects to all the right energies. Thank you, Mari"

Catherine, 2016 September


"Depression, PTSD, living with childhood trauma.....not an easy thing to do, how some of us even make it as far as we do is a miracle in its self! Maybe we have angles that keep us going, I know I have that is always there for me. I was blessed to see her three times this week, she has helped me more then she knows as today I see a little more light, I even made a card and my heart is starting to feel again. 

I am a fighter, I never give up...but sometimes I can't hold my own self up and it's so nice to know I have an angel who will always be there for me. Thank you, Mari, thank you for always caring for me, and lifting me up again when I can't see. You are a true Angel in my eyes! "
~ Irene G  2018 July


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