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Please enjoy looking at the photos of Mari Okazaki and Jikiden Reiki lovers Reiki life !

"I have two miniature horses named Rosebud and Bitsy. My younger horse Bitsy has a curved spine. She is 2 and I was finding that she was becoming anxious whenever Rosebud would leave the enclosure where they live. I decided to try Reiki and contacted Mari. After the first session, Bitsy started to calm down somewhat although she would still kick at the fence and call out to Rosebud when we left. After the second session, I noticed a marked difference in Bitsy’s attitude towards Rosebud leaving. On one occasion, I left with Rosebud and Bitsy didn’t actually seem to notice. She stood eating hay as we walked away. It was almost unbelievable to me that she changed so quickly. It was as if having the treatments helped Bitsy understand that we were leaving and that we would be coming back. I find that the treatments improve our communication with one another and she is far more responsive to my intentions now than she ever was before. I recently had a session to see if we can find out how I might better help Bitsy while picking out her hooves as her spine causes her to have balancing issues. Mari is very calm and compassionate towards animals. I am amazed at how well she is able to communicate with them. The two minis love Mari and always come to her as soon as she comes in the gate. Her calm energy makes them comfortable and she is so gentle with the minis. I would recommend Mari to anyone who is looking for Reiki for their horses.  

Michelle Creedy, Chilliwack, BC 

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