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COVID-19 Safety Plan

• Maximum occupancy of 2 persons in the studio.
• Physical distancing in studio of 2m/6ft is required during consultation.
• I will ask the BC COVID-19 pre-screening questions, regarding symptoms, exposure and travel history.
• Late cancellation fees are waived due to illness or cautionary measures.
• Masks are suggested upon entry to the property and in my Reiki room.

• Masks are not suggested if they cause you physical and emotional discomfort during the session.
• I will be wearing a mask.
• Hand sanitizer is provided for you upon entry and exit of my Reiki room.

• Hand sanitizer is not suggested if you have sensitive skin, instead, hand washing is available.
• Studio furniture and display items have been simplified and reduced to create safe, clean surfaces and more space for distancing.
• All wipeable surfaces and equipment are disinfected and UV light will be on after each session to disinfect carpet and fabric furniture.

• All linens replaced between clients.

• An air purifier is on during the session for better ventilation.

• A diffuser with immune support essential oil is on during the session.

• Contactless payment is available by debit, credit card, e-transfer. Cash and cheques also accepted.

• Mari's big smiles will be on upon entry and exit.

***"Pressing pause" policy

I would like to announce my new policy “pressing pause” on seeing clients who have recently taken a Covid-19 vaccine within 2 weeks.

The reason is that the work I do through Reiki often causes some mild detoxification which could be counterproductive for a few weeks following vaccination. I would respectfully suggest people allow the body to adapt to the vaccine for few weeks before resuming your Reiki sessions. Also, I have seen quite a few people are experiencing adverse effects from the injection, I feel they should monitor themselves very carefully, and I prefer not to do anything that would cloud their evaluation of how they are responding to the injection. 


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


With gratitude,

Mari Okazaki

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