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Jikiden Reiki® Practitioners

Names are added upon request. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be added in this list.



British Columbia

 -Vancouver area


Becky Lee (Vancouver)

Ira Heidemann (Vancouver)

Miyuki Negishi (Vancouver)

Carol MacDonald (W Vancouver)

The Healing Lounge (E Vancouver)

Sharon Richlark (N Vancouver)

Linnette Stoney (Burnaby)

Yuko Baardsnes (Courtenay, on Vancouver island)




Yasuko Sue Tedaka



Karen Droege




Mari Okazaki

Paul Sexton

Erin Coulter (Chilliwack Lake)



Maureen Cardoso 




Teresa Krehel (Vernon)

Jana Roy: (Rossland)

Shawna Swan-Martin (Nelson/Slocan Valley)

Connie Lambrecht (Nelson)

Mahada Thomas and Brian Lukey (Okanagan Falls)



Echo Mah (Edmonton)

Richard O'Neill (Calgary)



Carol Dawson (Saskatoon)

Dolphyn Boschman (Saskatoon)

Dr. Cyril M. Coupal (Saskatoon)
Carolynn Sikorski (Regina)




Judy Hansen (Stratford)

Kristene Smith (Brantford) 



Nova Scotia

Gabrielle Gietzen (Halifax) 

Pat Rafuse (Kentville)




James Landers & Jeannette Stellato (Connecticut)

Jan Mizushima (New York)

Maria Danilychev (San Diego)

Kausalya Denise Payne-Ollivier (Northern California)

Stephanie Wedra (New York)



---Other countries---

Callie Brown (Australia )

Rika Tanaka (UK)

Amanda Jayne (UK)

Angie Howell (Costa Rica)

"I went to see Mari in order to receive another Reiki treatment, like I have been having for more than 10 years now. Mari saw that I had a problem with my right foot. I was living with a non straight foot for more than 15 years even though I saw many different specialists. After only one treatment, Mari put my foot back in place and since that treatment, I am walking straight again! I am feeling so blessed that I met Mari." Gratitude, 
~ Marie-Pierre C. Montreal

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